It’s not a great sign when a guy cancels just before your third date. But it’s a good thing I anticipated his possible flakiness and went grocery shopping today. I had designed a menu from a new cookbook I recently bought “Rose Water & Orange Blossoms” by Lebanese-American author Maureen Abood. In the end, spending my Friday night cooking quality food for myself is a preferred alternative to subpar  dating exercises.

One of the best parts of life in Egypt is the abundance of wonderful, fresh ingredients. A lengthy pomegranate season is a delight. Readily available rose water, ground sumac, lebnah (yogurt cheese) and reasonably priced nuts make Middle Eastern cooking a delight.

The menu tonight:

  • Roasted Eggplants with Pomegranate Molasses, homemade Lebnah and Pomegrante seeds
  • Warmed potato salad with olive oil, lemon, scallions and mint
  • Muhamarrah – a traditional Lebanese dish with roasted peppers and walnuts
  • Imported Prosciutto – compliments of friends with Comissary access (the expat life!)
  • Barley crackers