Through a window on Bisaw island in the Upper Nile of Egypt

While it seems for many of us that 2017 couldn’t come quickly enough, sick and buried under blankets with a hot water bottle tucked under my arm, I barely stayed awake until 11:30. There’s nothing quite like being sick to provide the time and space for introspection. 

Over the past two years I have set relevant, measurable resolutions that have anchored me throughout the year in meaningful ways. In 2015, I aimed to wake up earlier to make more art and to run at least 3 hours a week. I managed to set up a better sleep/wake routine as a result and ended up running a half-marathon, something I had never imagined. In 2016, I set the goal to work towards creating an exhibition. I now have a dense portfolio of work produced in the 4 weeks I set aside strictly for artmaking last year. 

I’m reaching a bit more loosely this year by setting a more general intention for the new year: to slow down. Tied to an emerging practice in meditation, I have high hopes for this goal. Recently, I found myself challenged by a younger friend and her sense of urgency to procreate despite a suffering relationship. I see my colleagues trying to cram activities into every time slot. Notably, I too try to fill my time like a woman’s handbag, often at the detriment of doing nothing very well. And I wonder, what’s the rush? Carpe diem, for the love of life, but seize it well, with purpose and with time to reflect. With this intention to slow down, I hope to take more time to observe, to go deeper, to trust, and to let time unfold as it may.