Hello readers! This is not my first blog, but I’m approaching this one in a new way. As an art teacher there is a concept I use in the classroom known in education as a “liberating constraint” – you need a box in order to think outside of the box. So I am bounding myself by the concept of “180” as a way to open up the world of Egypt, my new home, and process my transition and acclimatization through writing and visualizing. The concept 180 could be implied or interpreted in a variety of possible ways:

  • 180 word count (where possible, to keep the writing concise and accessible)
  • pyramids, triangles, semi-circles
  • a view behind/orientation/perspective
  • temperature
  • re-evaluating what I know to be true
  • change of heart
  • words, music, or pictures of others’ that shed light on daily experiences in a new way

I look forward to sharing more with you from my experiences in Egypt!

~ Shannon