In a nutshell: when all is peachy, I wake up early to paint, before heading off to teach high school art. If I’m lucky, I reserve energy to run after work. If I’m still brimming, I carve space to cook or write or research or meet friends. A rough day sees me creeping out of bed after 10 snoozes, a rushed whirlwind of classes, and a slump on the couch alone at the end of the day, comatose.

The heart of the matter: I love looking at the things around me, processing the moments through paint or words, when I take the time to be mindful and a witness to life. I was born into the dense green thickets and red dirt of North Carolina. The landscapes of Chicago, Baltimore, Free State (South Africa), and Cape Town are also deeply etched into my psyche – each place with its own resonating power. Now, in Cairo, as new experiences are forged and my senses are kindled, I will spill here for the pleasurable indulgence of writing and sharing what I learn.

~ Shannon